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Weekly Stack Episode 66 - Deadly Class #26

This is a very special episode of The Weekly Stack! The guys recorded and streamed it live! For those of you who missed it, the madness is here for you in Stack-o-scopic stereo! No editing! No planning! Listen to Josh get emotional and empowered by Deadly Class! Lucas is very excited to talk about the new Baltimore miniseries! And Seth is broken by Invincible! Don't miss this one!


Deadly Class #26 - Rick Remender (W), Wes Craig (A)

Baltimore: The Red Kingdom #1 - Mike Mignola, Christopher Golden (W), Peter Bergting (A)

The Walking Dead #163 - Robert Kirkman (W), Charlie Adlard (A)

The Spirit: The Corpse Makers #1 - Francesco Francavilla (W/A)

Invincible #132 - Robert Kirkman (W), Cory Walker (A)


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