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Weekly Stack Episode 57 - Fact Check

The Stack is back! Josh joins the guys to discuss this great week in comics! Lucas, in rare form, chooses an all age book to talk about with Slam #1 from Boom Studios! Josh wants to tell all of you how good Black Hammer and Jeff Lemire is! And Seth is just trying to keep it all together. The guys also chat about the current state of the comic industry, remaking The Stand, and Cyndi Lauper vs Cindy Crawford! This is a long one, folks! So strap in and get ready for the ride of your life!

Slam #1 - Pamela Ribon (W), Veronica Fish (A)

Black Hammer #5 - Jeff Lemire (W), Deam Ormston (A)

Ether #1 - Matt Kindt (W), David Rubin (A),

Moonshine #2 - Brian Azzarello (W), Eduardo Risso (A)

Reborn #2 - Mark Millar (W), Greg Capullo (A)

Kill or be Killed #4 - Ed Brubaker (W), Sean Phillips (A)


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