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Weekly Stack Episode 56 - Here There Be Magic

It is a week full of fun and magic on the Weekly Stack! This was a week full of fantastic comics and Lucas leads the crew through it as the new captain of the Stack Ship! Richard falls in love with a Bonnie and Clyde book! Lucas' love shines through the confusion with Shipwreck! And Seth keeps loving DC's Young Animal Imprint! Don't miss this new episode!

Mother Panic #1 - Jody Houser (W), Tommy Lee Edwards (A)

Green Valley #2 - Max Landis (W), Giuseppe Camuncoli (A)

Violent Love #1 - Frank J. Barbiere (W), Victor Santos (A)

Namesake #1 - Steve Orlando (W), Jakub Rebelka (A)

Shipwreck #2 - Warren Ellis (W), Phil Hester (A)

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