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Weekly Stack Episode 52 - Full Moon

The guys at the Weekly Stack have a very special episode for you this week! It is an all Image Comics week for us! There were a lot of great books out, but your three favorite hosts do their best to narrow it down to the books you can't live without! Richard is still pumped for Paper Girls, Lucas goes crazy over a Depression-era werewolf book in Moonshine, and Seth is in love with a book called Romulus that he knew nothing about! The guys also manage to throw in a couple extra reviews for your listening pleasure! Strap in and get ready for another great episode of the Weekly Stack!

*Also, Seth made a mistake and incorrectly credited Jennifer Young as the artist of Cannibal #1. She is, in fact, the excellent co-writer. The gorgeous art is actually by Matias Bergara! Apologies!

Romulus #1 - Bryan Hill (W), Nelson Blake II (A)

Green Valley #1 - Max Landis (W), Giuseppe Camuncoli (A)

Paper Girls #10 - Brian K. Vaughan (W), Cliff Chiang (A)

Cannibal #1 - Brian Buccellato, Jennifer Young (W), Matias Bergara (A)

Moonshine #1 - Brian Azzarello (W), Eduardo Risso (A)


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