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Weekly Stack Episode 49 - Giraffe Tongue

The guys are back with another great episode of the Weekly Stack! The stars have aligned and each member gets one of their top books in the same week as each other! Richard gushes about Sandor the Hound and his human Jessie from Animosity, Lucas cracks his ribs with The Fix, and Seth finds it hard to keep his emotions in check when talking about Black Science! Also, they guys give you their best impressions of a giraffe and there's plenty of King of the Hill talk! Why? Tune in to find out!


Animosity #2 - Marguerite Bennett (W), Rafael de Latorre (A)

Hadrian's Wall #1 - Kyle Higgins, Alec Siegel (W), Rod Reis (A)

The Fix #5 - Nick Spencer (W), Steve Lieber (A),

Black Science #24 - Rick Remender (W), Mateo Scalero (A),

House of Penance #6 - Peter Tomasi (W), Ian Bertram (A)


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