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Weekly Stack Episode 44: Three Thumbs Up!

Welcome back to another glorious, fun-filled episode of the Stack! This was an amazing week in comics and Lucas wastes no time jumping right into one of his favorite books about a witch killing Appalachian! Seth gets to gush over one of his favorite musical artists and Richard has a super important question that needs an answer! So keep an ear out for it! There's also a book about a demon worshipping group of bankers! Seriously. The guys also have a debate of proper spelling and pronunciation that leaves everyone flustered! This is another great episode so don't miss it!

Hillbilly #2 - Eric Powell (W/A)
House of Penance #5 - Peter Tomasi (W), Ian Bertram (A)
Labyrinth 30th Anniversary Special - Jonathan Case, Cory Godbey, Ted Naifeh, Adrienne Ambrose, Adam Smith, Gustavo Duarte (W), Cory Godbey, Kyla Vanderklugt, Gustavo Duarte, Daniel Bayliss (A)
Empress #5 - Mark Millar (W), Stuart Immonen (A)
Black Monday Murders - Jonathan Hickman (W), Tomm Coker (A)

Seth Dixon - @sethdixon00

Lucas Harbolt - @LucasHarbolt

Richard Sturgeon - @r_sturgeon

Show Feed - @weeklystack

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