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Weekly Stack Episode 40: Where's The Dix?

It's a very special week at the Stack! Everyone's favorite grump, Seth, is out on vacation and we've got Stack faithful Josh in to pick up the slack. Can he cope with Tokyo Ghosts's heartbreaking ending? Can anyone answer Richard's Silver Surfer trivia question? Has Lucas given up on Iron Man? Find out the answers to this and more! Only on the Weekly Stack!

Punisher#3 - Becky Cloonan (W), Steve Dillon (A)
Silver Surfer #5 - Dan Slott (W), Mike Allred (A)
Tokyo Ghost #8 - Rick Remender (W), Sean Murphy (A)
Walking Dead #156 - Robert Kirkman (W), Charlie Adlard (A)
Green Arrow #2 - Benjamin Percy (W), Otto Schmidt (A)
Justice League Rebirth #1 - Bryan Hitch (W/A), Daniel

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