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Weekly Stack Episode 39: Aim Lower

This is a super exciting week on the Weekly Stack! Not only was this an excellent week in comics, but the guys have a trivia question and some secret news. Kind of. Lucas learns how much he loves Appalachia, Richard is happy, sad, and everything in between about the last issue of one of his favorite mini-series, and Seth is pissed off about Marvel fan reaction (again?). Be sure to listen in for the trivia question and subscribe and review on iTunes!

Captain America: Steve Rogers #2 - Nick Spencer (W), Jesus Sais (A)

Hillbilly #1 - Eric Powell (W/A)

4 Kids Walk Into A Bank #2 - Matthew Rosenberg (W), Tyler Boss (A)

Plutona #5 - Jeff Lemire (W), Emi Lenox (A)

Sons of the Devil #8 - Brian Buccellato (W), Toni Infante (A)

Jupiter's Legacy, Vol. 2 #1 - Mark Millar (W), Frank Quitely (A)


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