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Weekly Stack Episode 25: Ze Leap Year!

It is that time of the Earth again! A special time when time gives us an extra beat! One more day and one more podcast! It's time for the first annual Leap Year Drink n Pod! You all know what that means! The guys take a break from the normal routine, have some beers, and chat about anything and everything! No plan and no rules! Put on your safety belts, this one is crazy!

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Seth Dixon - @sethdixon00

Lucas Harbolt - @LucasHarbolt

Richard Sturgeon - @r_sturgeon

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1 comment

  1. everrochi 29 February, 2016 at 13:09

    Great drinkin’ pod! Excellent observations, you guys always bring a smile to start my school week. I agree with you on DEADPOOL, great film, but companies are going to learn all the wrong things. I liked MAN OF STEEL as an Elseworlds film (but seriously, Clark Kent would DIE before taking a life), but it wasn’t Superman. The Suicide Squad looks hilarious, but I won’t bring my seven-year old to see it. He has already marked off May 6th for Captain America: Civil War. Team Cap!

    ….Sorry Lucas…

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