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Weekly Stack Episode 24: Double-Deal

This was a crazy week in comics and the guys have a great show for you! The books that came our were varied in tone but carried a common theme: betrayal. There was also a great big news announcement from DC that the Stack dissects! Lucas gets really excited about a book he has waited months for, Richard gushes about a freckled ginger, and Seth can't get over a book about sex! They also have some digital codes to give away and a surprise trivia question!

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  1. everrochi 22 February, 2016 at 13:33

    Double-deal! Good stuff. Since they block Twitter at school, I’ll post here. Bucky became the Man on the Wall after the Original Sin storyline. DC just sems to be trying to see what sticks. If the Multiverse exists, then all their stories matter. Just write good stories!

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