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Weekly Stack Episode 15: Wicked Garden


This episode has it all: comedy, action, and even some tear jerking drama! It was a huge week for comics! The guys had a hard time nailing down what to talk about but managed to pull through. There's a pulp hero, a gay superhero with a  superbrain, and of course a few Marvel number ones. There is even a couple trivia questions for our faithful listeners! Also, Seth learns some unfortunate news about our intern/audio engineer Gary.

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  1. everrochi 7 December, 2015 at 13:18

    Trivia questions from Episode 15: Wicked Garden –

    Amadeus Cho was known as Mastermind Excello.

    Daredevil’s costume change happened in Daredevil #7 going from yellow and red to the famous toato red one.

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