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DC Icons Wonder Woman - Comic Plunder Toy Review

Hey everyone, Lucas here and I just got the DC Icons Wonder Woman figure. I liked her so much I thought I would give you guys a review. The short and sweet? I love her and she is well worth the $28 price tag.

But, since you guys came here for an actual review, let's get started!

Basic packaging with a special sticker

The DC Icons Wonder Woman comes in the standard Icons packaging. We get a nice sticker to let us know that it is Wonder Woman's 75th anniversary. All of her accessories are on display in the package. She comes with two extra gripping hands, a sword, a shield, and two versions of her Lasso of Truth.

Out of the packaging, she looks great. She has all the standard DC Icons articulation. However, she is lacking a thigh swivel, unlike the previous release of Grail. Two steps forward and one back. The sculpt and the paint are all great. She gets extra points for being based on Jason Fabok's Darkseid War design for her. The only real flaw I found on her was that instead of boots she has these weird heel/wedge feet that make it hard for her to stand.

Wonder Woman can carry most of her accessories at once. She has a loop on her belt to hold her lasso, an extra belt with a hole for her sword, and two spots for her shield. One on her forearm and more importantly...

Her hair is molded so that she can wear her shield on her back!... I think it's a nice touch.

Also to note is that her shield does not peg on. Instead, it kind of holds on with a suction friction thing on the back or forearm harness. Which is nice, since most DC Collectible figures I've had are pretty fragile so there's less of me worrying about breaking the accessories.

How's she scale?

She stands right about as tall as the Icons Superman, which, for me is perfect. Now, as you can see this isn't quite the Marvel Legends scale. However, I have been informed that the new Rebirth seven-pack figures have all been sized to match Legends. The Wonder Woman, in particular, being very tall. Which is good, as Wonder Woman is an Amazon so she should be as tall as or taller Superman. I think she should always be taller than Batman.

Overall this is a solid figure that feels like it's worth the price. She has plenty of accessories, a great sculpt and design, and the most important aspect. She's fun to play with. Once you start posing her, Wonder Woman is tough to put down.

If you collect the Icons line and want the single release figures, Wonder Woman is a must-have toy. She goes great with the other releases and in my eyes, is the best Icons figure to release so far.


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