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Comic Plunder Podcast Episode 5

The guys from Comic Plunder have a crazy episode for you this week! They jump right into Marvel's PR fumbles this past week which leads Seth to a rant (surprise?). They spend some time giving you their thoughts on the new Spider-Man Homecoming trailer and then get down to the comics you should be reading! Don't miss this episode of the Comic Plunder podcast. Also, did Josh just try to quit?

Check out these great books!

Deadly Class #27 - Rick Remender (W), Wes Craig (A)

Old Man Logan #20 - Jeff Lemire (W), Filipe Andrade (A)

Space Riders: Galaxy of Brutality #1 - Fabian Rangel (W), Alexis Ziritt (A)

Space Riders, Vol. 1 - Fabian Rangel (W), Alexis Ziritt (A)

Moonshine #6 - Brian Azzarello (W), Eduardo Risso (A)


Get caught up on DC Rebirth!

Superman, Vol. 1

Action Comics, Vol. 1

Batman, Vol. 1

Flash, Vol. 1

Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corps, Vol. 1

Green Lanterns, Vol. 1

Justice League, Vol. 1

Titans, Vol. 1

Aquaman, Vol. 1


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