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Comic Plunder Podcast Episode 30 - Thor Ragnarok

With Lucas out of town on business this week, Josh and Seth are your heralds through the madness and excitement that is Thor Ragnarok! Did they love it? Did the hate it? Do they want to send it to Hel or did it truly Ragnarok n' Roll?! Can they handle a show of this magnitude without their Captain Lucas? Tune in to find out!

Catch up on the saga of the MCU's Thor!

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1 comment

  1. everrochi 7 November, 2017 at 17:49

    Another brilliant comic book movie review! Josh and Seth keep the audience smiling along with them as they regale us with the cosmic Kirby wonder that is Thor Ragnarok. It seems like nothing can stop the MCU train. The only improvement to be made is to have the entire team review the film much like they did with Spider-Man Homecoming. But as the Grandmaster might say, “Life, uh, life got in the way.”

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