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Comic Plunder Podcast Episode 3

LOGAN has finally hit theaters. Was it good? Was it bad? Was it the Wolverine film fans have been waiting to see? The guys dive into a SPOILER-filled discussion of the new comic-based film. Also, the guys talk about the new SUPERMAN REBORN story and just who the new Clark Kent could be.  More importantly, Josh and Seth try to play matchmaker for Lucas. With LOGAN and EMERALD CITY COMIC CON this week there was plenty to talk about. Find out what the best news and announcements of the week are and much more on this week's Comic Plunder Podcast!


Check out these great books!

Royal City #1 - Jeff Lemire (W/A)

Savage Dragon #221 - Erik Larsen (W/A)

Superman #18 - Peter J. Tomasi, Patrick Gleason (W), Patrick Gleason (A)

Justice League #16 - Bryan Hitch (W), Fernando Pasarin (A)


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